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Our skilled technicians use the latest equipment to make your skin healthier, look younger and appear more vibrant.

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Give your face, neck, arms and back a healthy, younger look.

What is it?

We exfoliate your skin with a fine stream of crystals, which is much more gentle than harsh chemical peels.

What are the benefits?

Smooth rough skin, diminish crows’ feet, improve acne scars and lighten brown spots. Plus, you can immediately go back to your daily activities!

GentleLASE Hair Removal

Get rid of hair and reduce its growth in unwanted areas.

What is it?

We aim pulses of light at the target area for fractions of a second to reduce or eliminate hair growth. Complete removal usually takes 3 – 5 treatments.

What are the benefits?

It’s faster! Unlike electrolysis, the laser can get several hair follicles at once, which makes it more cost effective too. It’s safe enough to use on almost any part of the body. Plus, the cooling device prevents skin damage.

Spider Vein and Sun Spot Treatments

Reduce the appearance of sun spots and blue/purple veins.

What is it?

We use our GentleLASE laser to aim energy pulses at the veins or spots.

What are the benefits?

It’s comfortable and effective, thanks to a coolant spray we apply prior to the treatment.